Exerwell – Proactive Wellness Program



Program Highlights:

  • Computer, Webcam & High-Speed Internet Connection required
  • Be part of a group without leaving comfort of your home
  • Variety of exercises to keep things interesting and fun
  • Connection via a secured HIPAA compliant platform
  • One login for each level of membership
  • Available for everyone, anywhere
  • Presented LIVE* by Qualified Professionals
  • Exercises for Generalized Deconditioning
  • Regular Exercises help Brain Function
  • Balance & Co-ordination Exercises
  • Upper & Lower Body Exercises
  • Core Strengthening Exercises
  • Geriatric Chair Exercises
  • Post Stroke Exercises
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Tai Chi Exercises

Program Membership

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP: Individual: $25/month | Organization: $50/month
ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: Individual: $275/year | Organization: $550/year

“Tai Chi Exercise” and “Regular + Tai Chi Exercise” Programs are coming soon. If interested, please send your Full Name and Contact details to info@prismhealthservices.net. We will keep you on the waiting list and send the updates. For more information, please call 904-880-9900.

(All of the above Includes 3 sessions/week = appox.12 sessions/month*)
* Might have recorded sessions on Government Holidays

Technology Requirements:

  • High Speed Internet Access
  • (DSL, U-verse, Cable modem, Xfinity, 4G LTE)
  • Webcam – USB
  • Big TV or monitor (for multiple people), otherwise regular monitor for individuals
  • USB connection availability for TV or PC/monitor
  • (contact us, if you need assistance with this)

Basic Exercise Kits Requirements:

  • Sturdy chair with / without arms (no arms preferred, if safe)
  • A supportive surface for standing exercises, if appropriate and safe
  • 1-2 lbs. hand weights
  • Therapeutic Elastic Bands/tubing (Yellow/Red)
  • 1-2 lbs. Ankle Weights with Velcro fasteners
  • Exercise Wand no weight/1- 2 lbs. Exercise Wand

Please Note:

  • We have listed the items above, some alternatives options are possible
  • Some facilities/families might be able to create these
  • See ideas below… you can be creative, but please be safe!
  • (Please review online ideas to ensure safe ways of making these)
  • THINK Safety FIRST!!

Alternative Ideas for Exercise kits

Recommended Exercise Kit Components Image Alternative Options Image
1-2 lbs. Hand Weights Elixer_table1 Water bottles (Filled) Elixer_table5
1-2 lbs. Ankle Weights with Velcro Fasteners Elixer_table2 Rice bag in a cloth bag with Fasteners Elixer_table6
Exercise Wand no weight Elixer_table3 Broom Stick or Wooden Dowels or PVC pipe Elixer_table7
1-2 lbs. Exercise Wand Elixer_table4 PVC pipe with Weight Inside (sand/grains, etc.) Elixer_table8

***Please contact us for purchasing the kits.***

Please call for details & schedule time for available slots

Ph.: 904-880-9900 ext. 112
Fax: 904-880-3241