Kelly W. (PT/DPT)

Very Practical.

Jeramie S. (OTR/L)

This is a great device for providing activities for our clients that also allows therapists to accurately monitor baseline and progress.

Krisanne P. (DPT)

Love the objectivity of the NMT. Reaching tools are fantastic! Thank you!

Kater K. (PT)

Appears helpful for balance testing and training and measures to assist at documenting progression.

Stephanie F. (SPT)

Cool way to objectively measure weight shift and reaching.

Sharon B. (OTR)

Many options for use in clinic, portable, not much space.

Augusto A. (OTR)

Great Idea!

Laura M. (COTA)

Very inventive measurable tool for upcoming demands of insurance reimbursements.

Karen D. (OTR)

Very inventive and creative -easy for measurable data.


Excellent way to quantify functional movement and performance skill training.

Kristy K. (OTR)

I like that one can use this device for evaluating a patient and that the client can self-motivate and see the results.

Rosemary F. (OTR)

Wonderful measuring tool for measuring movement in space.

Marta G. (OT)

I loved the variety of patients that can benefit from it!


A very creative and fun way of quantifying reach – excellent!

Michael G. (MS)

The NMT device is a very innovative tool that can be used to objectively measure progress during functional reaching tasks.

Tonya C. (OTR)

The NMT device is very unique and has a lot of potential for fun games to play while working on strength and Range of motion.

Nor G (MS)

Objective tool for reach test and cognitive visual perception. Great idea!

Ba H. (Professor)

Very well thought out.

Sheila M. (OT)

Very creative way of measuring reach.

Lorrine M. (OT)

Perfect for measurable & objective documentation. Easy to use.

Mary B. (OT)

Looks neat. Provides measurable progress.

Cheryl.K (MS/OTR)

Awesome NMT Device.

Raina H.

Great for documenting measurable outcomes.


Positively brilliant! To help population with schizophrenia develop better awareness. Thank You!


Love the lightness of the Prism Telesticks. The neuromuscular device can take gonometer readings to the next level.


Very interesting – can do many activities with it and it seems quick and easy to use and measure with.


The device facilitates mobility components of functional reach with problem solving. Star frame facilitates balance for trunk mobility; self care and follow through visual activity.

Customer Service

I liked the personal attention I received in purchasing these items. Very helpful.

Customer Service, Environment, Other, Quality, Wait Time

The training of myself and my two contacts was amazing. It was very thorough and easy to understand and participation was excellent. It made everyone comfortable to participate in my care.

Customer Service,Environment,Quality,Wait Time

Love coming to prism Health.Wonderful items to help people keep their independence as well as practical items for anyone.

Customer Service,Environment,Quality,Wait Time

It was a very pleasant experience. The rep was very helpful and knowledgeable. This was the 2nd time she has been here and I really enjoy her visits.


Baptist Health – AgeWell Institute

The facility looks great. The wandering device is much needed. Thank you!

Kim Gloster

Bank of America

The medication dispensers are a must have! I am looking forward to bringing my husband out to see the different models.

Brent Lane

National Financial Services Group

I wish we had the touch screen monitor for my grandmother.

Lidia Andonie

WOW, was my first reaction. I love the variety and usefulness of the products displayed. It’s what my family was looking for to make my grandmother’s life easier since she insists on staying at home.

Lynn Ford

Comfort Keepers

Great Products!! You are now and the future.

Mary Randall

Fantastic Equipment! I am very impressed.

Mary Bissinger

Actual User of our product

Useful, important technology for those of us to be able to still be part of the “crowd”.

Neuro-Muscular Testing

Mindy P, PT ATC

Mindy P, PT ATC

Rehab Director

Jacksonville FL.

This allows objective documentation! Everything has been taken into consideration, even pediatrics.

Mary P, Cota

Mary P, Cota

A great tool for addressing dynamic sitting & standing balance!

Darly OTR/L,

Darly OTR/L,


Revive Rehab. Inc.

Ponte Vedra Beach Florida

It is not only a measurement tool, but also a treatment tool that could be used with patients!