Very Practical.

Kelly W. (PT/DPT) -

This is a great device for providing activities for our clients that also allows therapists to accurately monitor baseline and progress.

Jeramie S. (OTR/L) -

Love the objectivity of the NMT. Reaching tools are fantastic! Thank you!

Krisanne P. (DPT) -

Appears helpful for balance testing and training and measures to assist at documenting progression.

Kater K. (PT) -

Cool way to objectively measure weight shift and reaching.

Stephanie F. (SPT) -

Many options for use in clinic, portable, not much space.

Sharon B. (OTR) -

Great Idea!

Augusto A. (OTR) -

Very inventive measurable tool for upcoming demands of insurance reimbursements.

Laura M. (COTA) -

Very inventive and creative -easy for measurable data.

Karen D. (OTR) -

Excellent way to quantify functional movement and performance skill training.

Brandoul -

I like that one can use this device for evaluating a patient and that the client can self-motivate and see the results.

Kristy K. (OTR) -

Wonderful measuring tool for measuring movement in space.

Rosemary F. (OTR) -

I loved the variety of patients that can benefit from it!

Marta G. (OT) -

A very creative and fun way of quantifying reach – excellent!

Margit -

The NMT device is a very innovative tool that can be used to objectively measure progress during functional reaching tasks.

Michael G. (MS) -

The NMT device is very unique and has a lot of potential for fun games to play while working on strength and Range of motion.

Tonya C. (OTR) -

Objective tool for reach test and cognitive visual perception. Great idea!

Nor G (MS) -

Very well thought out.

Ba H. (Professor) -

Very creative way of measuring reach.

Sheila M. (OT) -

Perfect for measurable & objective documentation. Easy to use.

Lorrine M. (OT) -

Looks neat. Provides measurable progress.

Mary B. (OT) -

Great for documenting measurable outcomes.

Raina H. -

The device facilitates mobility components of functional reach with problem solving. Star frame facilitates balance for trunk mobility; self care and follow through visual activity.

Alfredo W. (OT/PT) -

Awesome NMT Device.

Cheryl.K (MS/OTR) -

Very interesting – can do many activities with it and it seems quick and easy to use and measure with.

Amy M. (Student) -

Love the lightness of the Prism Telesticks. The neuromuscular device can take gonometer readings to the next level.

Polly F. -

Positively brilliant! To help population with schizophrenia develop better awareness. Thank You!

Cindy G. (COTA) -